Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Are Black Peoples Eyes Yellow Why Do Black People Have Yellow Eyes?

Why do black people have yellow eyes? - why are black peoples eyes yellow

And a big nose?


john said...

Some people are born with black skin is very, very dark, curly hair and blue eyes, so it can not the cliches ... God created man ... say something, why whites have pink skin, gray and dull faces? ... We accept everyone's natural attributes that you would not change and to what is behind it. ... Check it out.

Random Skittlesz said...

The yellow eyes?
Umm, no one has yellow eyes
I am African American and my eyes are brown
And the nose of the people is what God gave them
Each race has the opportunity to have a big nose, Yu CUD has a great nose for everything we know!

God bless

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