Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lawn Mower Blueprints Where Can I Find/get A Good "Go Kart Engine"?

Where can i find/get a good "Go Kart Engine"? - lawn mower blueprints

I try a go-kart from scratch to build anew, and I know I need parts to build ... I know that the hardest part of the machine is to be found. This is a new hobby for me and before I begin to end the summer. I've just started planning to build my project.

If anyone knows where I have a riding mower or golf cart engine for the price low, can get low, you will find in New York Junk Yard / Salvage.

Another thing that I guide a scooter in a go-kart motor. I know that motorcycles not so fast, but if I do as a temporary engine that can help.


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