Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lolicon Japan Are Pedophiles More Widely Accepted In Japan Than In The US, UK, AU, Etc?

Are pedophiles more widely accepted in Japan than in the US, UK, AU, etc? - lolicon japan

The reason I ask because I recently read an article on Wikipedia on a kind of pornography as Lolicon. Apparently in Japan, lolicon adult is sold in stores. If the adult stores trying to sell here, I think it would be unstoppable. This leads me to ask, pedophiles tend to be accepted in Japan?


ecoguy said...

I would not say that they are welcome, but it is widespread. Lolicon, or in a complex of Lolita, the attraction (for very young), is a much bigger problem in Japan than in the developed countries the most. I think that speaks is lolicon anime / manga, as with real child pornography was banned in Japan in 1999. It is difficult to describe the Japanese culture, there are many books written trying to explain the Japanese companies. It's amazing how a nation, but like any other nation has its problems. They should play in Japan or a trip to do it.

stop_sta... said...

that all countries believe that men want to be with the girls ... ... Pedophiles. It is a Western ideology. Older men with younger girls have been since the dawn of time. Was Mary, Mother of Jesus would be only 15, while Joseph was approximately 30

PS: I'm not saying I agree with him. I have answered your question.

Carl_the... said...

No, it is not. You know the difference between fantasy and reality. The same kind of things are sold here.

Carl_the... said...

No, it is not. You know the difference between fantasy and reality. The same kind of things are sold here.

Beau C said...


and if for some reason that I'm wrong, then the answer must be negative.

Chakra said...

People anime, or is it really? Pedophiles are not universally accepted. You should be arrested, imprisoned and his penis guillotine.

Godfather's Pizza said...

Where is "here"?

If you have the United States, which show naked children playing in the bathroom television talk is illegal. So, what is more acceptable? Older men with younger women, or the idea that children are sexual objects and should not be shown nude?

Rabbitya... said...

Americans buy into these fantasies in the same position. Is the uniform disgust girls Catholic school as a sexual stimulant? Well, many Americans (and probably also the Anglo-Australian) dream about it, but in the end, school uniforms, and the children and encourages these fantasies.

In addition, the popular show "Family Guy" is a male, older (I think his name was Herbert's), are actively pursued by the son of Peter, Chris, and the show makes clear that man is sexually attracted to children, but is a sympathetic character. Many people find the pedophiles to be funny, and people from children to adults watching the show.

In both cases, however, the one who is actually a girl Catholic school will not be considered as "Living the Dream" of society, and nobody laughs when he is a man who has discovered the abuse, (their community or even attempted abuse) child. This is to be true for the United States and Japan.

TokyoE said...

N pedophiles are recognized not very common in Japan.
Everything you need to do is the news of the police and the criminal justice system active pedophiles in Japan, recently, two people who were in Japan for sending child pornography, arrested in the United States.

Another man was arrested for sexually assaulting a child.
Aroused much public outrage was well informed about the situation.

Only an environment that is "generally recognized" pedophiles.

Rock lolicon drawings, the Japanese law, because they real pictures (not drawings, which are illegal). He is often criticized in Japan, but foreign people who buy them, but also their environment, which supports only a pedophile.

boohoo_J... said...

What will you probably think the girls in their school uniforms Sailor Moon .. It is a comic book for men, and rarely goes beyond a level of imagination.

askawow 47 said...

Not at all.
these things are illegal in Japan.
anime otaku culture and are recognized in Japan, and now we are so on. Pedophiles are very different.
I think Japanese law is somewhat simpler than ours. but are not accepted in Japan.

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