Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leaf Blower Comparison Leaf Blower?

Leaf Blower? - leaf blower comparison

PB350 Paramount has a leaf blower, 1 hp electric motor. Two weeks ago I was the last time I lit it, but it was a few days, and if not the cause of the dim light and opened the circuit breaker. I know a lot of electric motors, but I can not understand the problem. I delete everything and clean the engine and everything. I tested the engine while it is off / low bound / high switch and did the same thing again if it bypasses the switch and the Son come directly connected. He did the same, so that the problem is not with the switch. Then a small plate before the engine side to the engine and attaches directly to the page. This time, he turned slowly and do not increase, but the brush all the time and let the engine quickly overheated. The brushes are still good, so I do not know whay the problem.


jrod said...

its time for a new one. Can I have a Stihl blower. they are the best in the industry. You can not go wrong with a Stihl.

mustache... said...

ill engine

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