Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bottomless Women Gallery Aren't There Laws Regarding Nudity On Beaches In Australia?

Aren't there laws regarding nudity on beaches in Australia? - bottomless women gallery

Today I went to the beach and I saw six topless women. Two of the women were above the abyss, and I saw a couple of naked men. The beach is not very popular, and the proportion of people who were naked, was in reality only 50%. What exactly are the nudity laws in Australia? By the way, I speak of public beaches, not specifically designed for nudist beaches. And also that the police would react if I called because I see a naked person?


Headtoto... said...

No police will probably say that you need to grow.

engammar... said...

The police are probably answer that you go see a psychiatrist or a flight to Kabul was.

Australia is a land of freedom. You can not with the United States, where nudity is outrageous to compare to (but not the weapons you have an explanation?)

B.B.B. said...

If you have a car, please.

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