Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sample Table Chart Wedding Use The Chart To Help Answer A Question?? Chemistry Help!!?

Use the chart to help answer a question?? Chemistry help!!? - sample table chart wedding

Here is a table with data from an experiment that is exposed when an air sample at different pressures:
V = volume, P = pressure

V (cm 3) P (kPa) V * P
100.0 33.3 3330
50.0 66.7 3340
25.0 133.2 3330
12.5 266.4 3330

a. Based on these observations, which is a hypothesis that could be achieved, which could be tested?

b. What are the theories could be said about the data?


bdwolfho... said...

Boyle's Law - Have you noticed that doubling the volume halves of the pressure? In other words, the volume is inversely proportional to pressure or PV = K (constant).

Duc said...

Turn down the volume, the blood pressure. Law Boly.

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