Friday, February 5, 2010

Star Tattoo Hip Lower Stomach What Are Some Cute Lower Hip Tattoo Designs?

What are some cute lower hip tattoo designs? - star tattoo hip lower stomach

Sometimes I want something different, but still sexy / sweet. I came with 2 stars. And "Kiss Me" with juicy red lips.
I need more ideas. Pictures would also be helpful. Thank you in advance.


jonoeaty... said...

None of the ideas that are original or different.
I refuse to throw ideas at random to ... Things .. for you to consider a tattoo on you.

sparkler... said...

Stars and "Kiss Me" lips are not quite different. Think about what inspired him, the things you enjoy doing, hobbies, music lyrics, etc. If you like the stars and Juicy lips more than anything else, but are willing to sacrifice originality, go ahead. On the basis of what you like, not what others think is sexy / sweet.

Milo said...

Your ideas are the "other others"? Hell is like any other person I see is possible today. My suggestion is that if you Google "____ tattoos "(idea of inserting into the slot empty) and no or very little success in this game, then probably find it quite original. Although only a suggestion.

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