Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Thank A Surgeon How Long Before A Night Out Is Best To Apply St Tropez Tanning Lotion ?

How long before a night out is best to apply St Tropez Tanning Lotion ? - how to thank a surgeon

I applied to St Tropez tanning lotion on Thursday and Friday evening to Saturday evening and really do not think it was the best color that might have been.

How many days before the application of a night out? Oh, I have the instructions found on You Tube, how best to implement it.



sneckles said...

What I do is head to 4 days before the start of Olay moisturizer touch of sun, which gives a good foundation - it is the day before the Saint-Tropez, use rinse morning, and Olay products for devices implementing

the other product I use is, Fake Bake, which is darker rcolour I Olay product again approaching days, etc., there

stuy said...

2 days before u leave, miss a few cases and then lost pieces.

Funda want my number u can not to the parties. lol

SalUK said...

St. Trop is brilliant! So better to beat. As a rule applied last night.

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