Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ls Issue Does My A/L Results Become A Issue When I Am Seeking A Job?

Does my A/L results become a issue when i am seeking a job? - ls issue

in Mechanical Engineering at hopeing i got 3 C for my A / L, which is a problem, after finishing my studies and get a job? and the University is currently in force?


Farcry said...

If you get a degree in most cases, the results of the AL is meaningless. But there are certain areas that seem a little more appropriate like, and with a degree, but are willing to hire on the basis of the results of the AHL. At that time might be useful.

The university does not really count. In most universities are not places SL a good impression in the country itself, but if you are looking for a job abroad is no problem.

How long are, what your concerns are at least of your problems when you actually find the step to work. Come on.

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