Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long Term Medical Insurance Is There Such Thing As Long-term Care Insurance Policies?

Is there such thing as long-term care insurance policies? - long term medical insurance

Last year I had a life insurance policy on myself so that if something happens to me, my mother would be a reasonable amount of money to live on and have nothing to worry about. It can not suffer because of an illness and only get SSI. Attention increasingly at the point where I am for him, the options will not go very well for them and what kind of care can be achieved. I wonder if there's nothing like the long-term care (a type of life insurance), acquired in their names.

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Zarnev said...

Yes, there are long-term care policies available. Can be customized to fit your budget. However, if you have any medical conditions who find it difficult to find a policy, or may, if it is not a policy, the premium is very high May.

You should have any questions a local agent that works with several companies. The agent can obtain information about your health, and find your mother in a position to each company, if you accept his, and at what cost. There are no additional costs with the help of an agent.

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