Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Football Score Combinations What Are The Odds For Each Combination Of Scores In A Football 'squares' Pool?

What are the odds for each combination of scores in a football 'squares' pool? - football score combinations

Someone somewhere must be in your account. Are you looking for me, and you get 10 points.


Bigsky_5... said...

Here is a very good explanation of game theory and statistics are final behind his desk percentage. That is exactly what you want, I think.

Knowital... said...

Know if you're talking in a pool, where images from a grid of 100 squares (10 x 10), which is impossible, because some data are better than others and do not know what the numbers increase to buy all tables have been purchased. The best number would be 0 (0.10, 20, 30), 3 (3,13,23), 4 (14,24,34) and 7 (7,17,27). 1 is not evil (21.31), 8 decent (28.38), and if you are 2,5,6 or 9 can still win, of course, but his chances much less because most of the time do not consider football scores at these figures. But in a security project. or two-point conversion, or three or more goals in the area of a team and turn around. It is of course what makes it fun.

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