Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tv Cable Cords Why Does My Cable Tv Work Only Through The VCR?

Why does my cable tv work only through the VCR? - tv cable cords

I came back from vacatin and watch TV (14 and later) I was the recorder and view them through a VCR, except it is staticy. I tried a different cable, wire, and also the side of the video and plugging in the cable TV cable directly into the wall doing the same result. Even converter to reset, there is help. I have WOW cable someone had this problem?


Jerry said...

Be careful or on cable TV or CATV setting. Channels 2 to 13 are the same for broadcast and cable television and over 14 are different.

Television may have violated broadcasting. In the distance, look at the menu or similar, each TV is different. Then locate the channel configuration and settings for the CATV cable. Now he is in the media and the antenna / on the fixing of the air.

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