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What Does Mucus Look Like Before Period What Kind Of Cervical Mucus Would You Have Before A Period?

What kind of cervical mucus would you have before a period? - what does mucus look like before period

In the 25th On this day I have cycles of 28-29 days. My final time was 27 January. The 8/9th February, I had a lot of protein mucus of the cervix. So I thought it was my time of ovulation. After ovulation, have, most of which clearish for cervical mucus. Not much, but only occasionally, until my period.

This month, because after ovulation, Ive had a lot of really yellow light-white cervical mucus. Some days and some days thick viscose ...

Ladies it has been before, before you had your period due?

Please help! :)


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Changes in cervical mucus. How does your menstrual cycle your cervical mucus increases in volume and changes texture. The changes reflect the increased concentration of estrogen in the body. It is a particularly fertile when the mucus becomes clear, smooth and elastic. Many women compare mucus at this stage to raw egg whites.

Usually the food, an obstacle, but during the fertile period of their life cycle, allowing sperm to pass through the cervix into the uterus, then to the fallopian tubes to meet the egg.

An increase in body temperature. After ovulation, the temperature may increase 0.4 to 1.0 degrees. You will not feel like changing it, but can be found) with the basal body temperature (BBT thermometer. These temperature rises, they are ovulating, because the egg production of the hormone progesterone, which stimulates the body's temperature increases.

They are the most fertile in the two or three days before the temperature hits its peak. Some experts believe they have a 12 May - upTo increase from 24 hours in the fertility of the first notification of the temperature, but most say at this point it is too late to make a baby.

"It may have one or two days after ovulation for progesterone to build enough to raise the body temperature. But since the egg survive for 24 hours, at the time, it's too late for fertilization," says Tracy Telles, an obstetrics and gynecology at the Permanente Medical Group in Walnut Creek, California. Therefore, experts recommend that your temperature every morning for a few months to identify a model table, and the prognosis of the likely time of ovulation. Then you can plan, sex for two or three days before the day have your temperature rises in the rule.

Discomfort in the abdomen. Approximately one fifth of women are actually vary the activity of ovulation, which may be slight discomfort to agony of pain. The condition, known as Mittelschmerz, it may take several minutes to several hours.

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