Monday, November 9, 2009

Lewy Body Dementia More Condition_treatment Lewy Body Dementia???

Lewy body dementia??? - lewy body dementia more condition_treatment

A few days ago, my grandmother began with hallucinations of a man to remove it and the worst (in the evening was a huge scandal wants because the man wanted to kill us all.. And it is) very scared now. Noon, it almost seems good, but the night and morning, she's just crazy.
went to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with an antipsychotic, but I'm worried because I think it may be dementia with Lewy bodies, and I've read worse if there neuroleptics.
My question is: Is there something I could give to their allucinante mussels (in addition to neuroleptics)? How can I handle? allucinante disagree or think what it says?
Please, I need someone with medical experience.


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