Friday, November 6, 2009

Stills Disease More Condition_symptoms Stills Disease Help Please?

Stills Disease Help Please? - stills disease more condition_symptoms

I had my first episode of the illness nor the pictures when he was 16. I began with the outbreak of salmon that would be it, then the severe pain in the elbow, sore throat and fever spikes and above all tto the entire joint pain and inflammation. Frankly, I think I have all the symptoms. After I finally dealt with, and was inactive. Then, years later, it was fully developed. Since I do not have these terrible symptoms, but I really hurt my wrist, elbows, knees and hips. It comes and goes. What I know is that I have no way of children or adults? Everything I have read that if children younger ... Are the problems I have now, or only part of the same damage. I fear that the return of Full Blown. I have an immune system that is not very good and I think that is the disease of images. I am now 32 and am wondering what is in store for me. My doctors do not really know anything about


FlyfreeI... said...

Can stay, you can always systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis and Rherumatoid .... polyarticular

which can remain in the chapel of adults ... mean that it is for adult RA, just because you grown up .... May go into remission, but it can certainly again ,.... You can still .. Too .... Stills Deise May adulthood .. I've met adults pictures ....

You should consult a rheumatologist to be sure to see what they say about drugs and things under control.

There are some great Yahoo group I belong to the parents of children with JRA and a group of young adults. Already in the parent groups as well and all are mutually supportive.

Thery are young adults Ajao

something .. I belong to 3 and Latin veru very active JRA Gerogina OS to run ... Check yahoo groups ....

The outbreak of the salmon, blah, blah, blah, blah, Lile JRA is sometimes Stills disease, as well .... You can get 16-b.. ut very rare

Well, the thing is .. Once you 16 years old, shall have thjat as ussualy adult RA ... JRA is dx ussualy children before 16 ..... But that does not mean it was before 16 ...

doesntmatter is very relaxing, as the process of what it is ... They can take the blood test done and see what should happen .... There are many medications to control the many .... but above all you need to see a rheumatologist ....

Good luck

Veronica Alicia said...

Could you please your document to recommend you to a rheumatologist?
As far as I remember, it can affect very young children under 5 years, but onset can occur during puberty.

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