Monday, November 9, 2009

E-mail Confidentiality Clause Is There A Way To Get An E-mail To Someone Though You Don't Know 'their' E-mail Address?

Is there a way to get an E-mail to someone though you don't know 'their' E-mail address? - e-mail confidentiality clause

I have relatives who lost contact for years. I know their names, of course, but have no other contact information in them. - I think that will create e-mails. (I'm sure we would be today, as we all are) in middle age. - Is there possibly a "liaison" representative and / or could take advantage of the procedure or a kind of "service to communicate with your e-mail" to "facilitator"? But to maintain the confidentiality of the e-mail (if by accident, it still resists me) made the honor. - I'm spreading the word to them on important issues. - I have no other way to.


Alta dddd said...

There are many online search for people finnding and well, the,
They say if you know someone's name, you can find your e-mail address, because they have the largest database of e-mails from people who only have one chance!
Good luck!

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