Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fixing Vba Pokemon Silver Time Issues Pokemon Fire Red Vba Problems?

Pokemon fire red vba problems? - fixing vba pokemon silver time issues

Pokemon Fire Red ROM, which I've downloaded on my VBA has some problems

want to be when a space for TM / HMS in the bag and there is no TMS i aceae I won or somewhere Wen to move a Pokemon with an HM, such as surfing or cut.

I know that you can use gameshark codes on the walls of the tutorial, and go, but Id like to use these things. And it is a field of berries, I do not know if the use of U, that red light or not.

Can someone me the spot where it was downloaded ROM
or can tell me how to solve this problem

I'm awarding a best answere as soon as the problem fixed



Firestor... said...

Man download another file red.gba pokemon fire: |

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