Saturday, November 7, 2009

Signs Of Autism More Can You See Signs Of Autism In Infants?

Can you see signs of autism in infants? - signs of autism more

I know that most children begin to show signs of shaping up to 3 years. But my question is: Does anyone have children with autism, the symptoms show, began in two months? My son is 9 weeks is still not focused on people, and any comments on it. He begins to worry. He sat on the ceiling and light. He smiled, but only in his voice, never his face.


mystic_e... said...

Strenuosly Researchers try to find a way to diagnose autism at the age of 1, but less than 1 years have all found evidence only 50% accuracy, and half of those who believe that autism is not too much.

Within two years they are a little more specific.

Would be around 9 weeks, I say it is impossible to judge.

JF said...

Nine weeks.
This is new for me, no one on earth, or to have a child diagnosed with autism, about nine weeks. I thought that nine months and then wrote a serious reply.
Here's sleep my advice, have someone you see your children while you shower or bath. Read a newspaper, they revel in the perfect gift for your child, and if it: You can professional help. In a few months ago, for example 3, if you have any concerns, please follow the advice I gave you the following. Deeply concerned about this situation is affected much more likely a symptom of postpartum depression as early diagnosis. If anyone eats this shit, should also receive and be released from their friends until they recover.

I am the father of two autistic children, 6 and 4 That was one of the problems in 9 months, the other a language delay at 24 months.
Although there is a study last year noted that a simple test can map postural stability make the diagnosis of autism in children aged 6-8 months, do not do that pediatricians in his offices an. To DSM-IV diagnosis of autism includes almost the diagnosis to a maximum of 3, so few psychologists.
Regardless of the folly of these engines without a simple diagnostic assessment of autism, researchers their retailer for the plebs. See links below.
Not matter if your doctor tells you to worry about, (I've taken it four times with the first.) Responding to a child with a problem, no different in those early stages of a child without difficulty ABA therapy. It's just much harder to work with atypical children. During this time, begin to investigate them. It is impossible to find someone who treat or work with young children is not a quack, but I will try to express what I know in one word, commitment.
Behavioral intervention based on the idea that all living things that you like on. What are these things from one agency to another and may vary by individual organizations (ask my wife.) You want something your child likes and wants to findfor limiting and controlling access to the way they expect you to just something that you want. Not that vibrate like the alphabet and want to hear, so you never swing. In order to develop realistic goals, be suitable to do for a child his age, would set and control the use of what he loves to do for him. Since you are on the first disk will try to make it as easy as possible for him and how his response. When I say that it is difficult, especially difficult for him, then it is difficult for you. If your child is autistic, will be shown to be grateful for the additional statement, and if the usual criteria, nothing happens. Baby sign language is probably the right way, and the system completely, because the typical signs of children at 9 months not even speak. I also want to avoid because you can be the plus sign, a crutch to avoid with the appropriate character to what is requested. Once again, I would like to see a behavioral therapist, if it seems too difficult. And please visit the following links are useful.
Good luck.

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