Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lady Slipper Orchid How Make The Potting Mix For ORCHIDS (Lady Slipper)?

How make the potting mix for ORCHIDS (Lady Slipper)? - lady slipper orchid

I've recently bought a women's shoe is as follows: ...

Just got back from the HD and buy organic peat, forest bark (okay'd orchid) and Orchid Food. I bought the orchid in an airtight container, but not enough for the roots protrude from the ground. The person I bought reommended that more containers, the better?

My main question is how the potted orchids now? Ex: Wet foam 2 "on the upper and lower crust on the floor, etc., and what else do I need?" I want to orchid-sphagnum peat mixture or just stick to natural things, I now?


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