Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cellphone Pouches Good To Hold The Headset Best Way To Carry All Your Stuff On A Long Ride?

Best way to carry all your stuff on a long ride? - cellphone pouches good to hold the headset

I bike to work and often long distances by bicycle. When I work I wear all of my belongings in a backpack and other trips that I wear my camel and a Roo (Fanny) nothing special. That's all my stuff (pump, CO2, hose, tools, sunscreen, food, keys, mobile phones). But it is disgusting! I have a road bike and the bike shop told me that I can get a rack back on my bike. Puch little when the seat is simply not enough. What do you do all this? How in the world, people put all their orders in the bag and the bag Jersey?


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